Eagle River Good Deal Magazine: Ad Specs

1/8 Page Ad

3.8375” X 2.4”

1/4 Page Ad

7.875” X 2.4”

1/2 Page Ad

7.875” X 5.0175”

3/4 Page Ads and Back Cover

7.875” X 7.6337”

Full Page Ad

7.875” X 10.25”

Full Page with Bleed

8.625”x11.125” background includes .125” bleed area on all four sides. Keep all ad content within a .5” margin on all four sides.


We include professional graphic design service with your ad but if you wish to submit your own copy here are a few basic guidelines. Please contact us with any questions.

Please create ads using industry-standard software (ie. Adobe CS, Corel Draw, Quark, Etc.) in CMYK color mode and export as high-resolution PDFs with ALL FONTS EMBEDDED. CONVERT any SPOT, PMS, PROCESS, and RGB COLORS TO CMYK! Word and Publisher documents ARE NOT ACCEPTED! TIF and JPG files not recommended but suitable with minimum 300 dpi @ print size in CMYK color. Eagle River GDM is not responsible for print errors of camera ready art due to (but not limited to) incorrect color usage or poor image resolution.

All advertising content is subject to approval by Eagle River GDM. Eagle River GDM claims no liability for camera-ready artwork nor responsibility for errors in any content upon client approval. Front cover advertising built at discretion of Eagle River GDM.

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